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1956 - 2021


There are 835 books and 893 editions published by Liverpool UniversityPress between 1956 and 2021 in our database

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Title Author Editions
Mastitis notes for the dairy practitioner W. B. Faull 4
Notes for the sheep clinician M. J. Clarkson 3
Leftovers : eating, drinking and re-thinking with case studies from post-war French fiction Ruth Cruickshank 2
Public sculpture of Bristol Douglas Merritt 2
Fathers, daughters, and slaves : women writers and French colonial slavery Doris Y. Kadish 2
Ireland, Sweden and the Great European Migration : 1815-1914 Donald H. Akenson 2
Beyond the slave narrative : politics, sex, and manuscripts in the Haitian revolution Deborah Jenson 2
Bright stars : John Keats, "Barry Cornwall" and Romantic literary culture Richard Marggraf Turley 2
Cinematic fictions David Seed 2
Patriotism and propaganda in First World War Britain : the National War Aims Committee and civilian morale David Monger 2
Henry James : a bibliographical catalogue of a collection of editions to 1921 David J. Supino 2
The Isle of Man : a social, cultural and political history Robert Henry Kinvig 2
Race and antiracism in black British and British Asian literature Dave Gunning 2
Traces of war : interpreting ethics and trauma in twentieth-century French writing Colin Davis 2
Journey westward : Joyce, Dubliners and the literary revival Frank Shovlin 2
The economics of irrigation Colin Clark 2
A handbook of pig diseases John R. Walton 2
Commemorating the Irish Famine : memory and the monument Emily Mark-FitzGerald 2
Slavery, abolitionism and empire in India, 1772-1843 Andrea Major 2
Locating science fiction Andrew Milner 2
London Irish fictions : narrative, diaspora and identity Tony Murray 2
British trade with Spanish America, 1763-1808 Adrian J. Pearce 2
Spatial ecologies : urban sites, state and world-space in French cultural theory Verena Andermatt Conley 2
Image of a man : the journal of Keith Vaughan Alex Belsey 2
Solar flares : science fiction in the 1970s Andrew M. Butler 2
Black salt : seafarers of African descent on British ships R. Costello 2
A mastitis handbook for the dairy practitioner W. B. Faull 2
Vegetius, epitome of military science Flavius Vegetius Renatus 2
States of emergency : colonialism, literature and law Stephen Morton 2
A guide to Port Sunlight village including two tours of the village Edward Hubbard 2
The laughter of foxes : a study of Ted Hughes Keith Sagar 2
Animal alterity : science fiction and the question of the animal Sherryl Vint 2
'Merely for money'? : business culture in the British Atlantic, 1750-1815 Sheryllynne Haggerty 2
Assia Djebar : out of Algeria Jane Hiddleston 2
South American independence : gender, politics, text Catherine Davies 2
Between resistance and adaptation : indigenous peoples and the colonisation of the Chocó, 1510-1753 Caroline Williams 2
Slaves to sweetness : British and Caribbean literatures of sugar Carl Plasa 2
Seán MacBride : a republican life, 1904-1946 Caoimhe Nic Dháibhéid 2
Vietnam and beyond : Tim O'Brien and the power of storytelling Stefania Ciocia 2
Design culture in Liverpool, 1880-1914 : the origins of the Liverpool School of Architecture Christopher Crouch 2
Exile and post-1946 Haitian literature : Alexis, Depestre, Ollivier, Laferrière, Danticat Martin Munro 2
Life of the fathers Bishop of Tours Saint Gregory 2
Communities in contemporary anglophone Caribbean short stories Lucy Evans 2
Ambrose of Milan : political letters and speeches ; Letters, bk. ten, including the oration on the death of Theodosius I ; Letters outside the Collection ( Epistulae extra collectionem) ; Letter 30 to Magmus Maximus ; The oration on the death of Valentinian II Bishop of Milan Saint Ambrose 2
Argentina's partisan past : nationalism and the politics of history Michael Goebel 2
Picasso/Marx and socialist realism in France Sarah Wilson 2
Antonio Machado's writings and the Spanish Civil War James Whiston 2
The German-Jewish soldiers of the First World War in history and memory Tim Grady 2
The poetry of Dylan Thomas : under the spelling wall John Goodby 2
Surgery of the reproductive tract in large animals John E. Cox 2
Merseypride : essays in Liverpool exceptionalism John Belchem 2
Patrick Chamoiseau : recovering memory Maeve McCusker 2
Libation bearers Aeschylus 1
Narciso hermético : Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz y José Lezama Lima Aída Beaupied 1
A self-conscious art : Patrick Modiano's postmodern fictions Akane Kawakami 1
Patrick Modiano Akane Kawakami 1
Travellers' visions : French literary encounters with Japan, 1881-2004 Akane Kawakami 1
Monstrous adversary : the life of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford Alan H. Nelson 1
Creating memorials, building identities : the politics of memory in the Black Atlantic Alan J. Rice 1
Unfamiliar journeys continued Alan McKernan 1
Behold the hero : General Wolfe and the arts in the eighteenth century Alan McNairn 1
Titanic and Liverpool Alan Scarth 1
The literary afterlives of Roger Casement, 1899-2016 Alison Garden 1
The cathedral 'open and free' : Dean Bennett of Chester Alex Bruce 1
Earlier British paintings of the Walker Art Gallery and Sudley House Alex Kidson 1
Middle-class life in Victorian Belfast Alice Johnson 1
The world that is the book : Paul Auster's fiction Aliki Varvogli 1
Vivre Ici : space, place and experience in contemporary French documentary Alison J. Murray Levine 1
Never mind : an inaugural lecture delivered 5 November 1970 Alistair Munro 1
Andean truths : transitional justice, ethnicity, and cultural production in post-shining path Peru Anne Lambright 1
How many miles to Babylon? : European travels and adventures in Egypt, 1300-1600 Anne Wolff 1
Coals on rails, or, The reason of my wrighting Anthony Errington 1
The yew tree at the head of the strand Brian Cosgrove 1
Defying the IRA? Brian Hughes 1
Postcolonial eyes : intercontinental travel in Francophone African literature Aedín Ní Loingsigh 1
Francisco de Rojas Zorrilla y Augustín Moreto : análisis Ann L. Mackenzie 1
Adrian Henri : selected and unpublished : poems, 1965-2000 Adrian Henri 1
Life of Columbanus ; Life of John of Réomé ; and Life of Vedast Abbot of Bobbio Jonas 1
The detached retina : aspects of SF and fantasy Brian W. Aldiss 1
Poetry, photography, ekphrasis : lyrical representations of photographs from the 19th century to the present Andrew D. Miller 1
Centre and periphery in modern British poetry Andrew Duncan 1
Reflections on muscle Andrew Huxley 1
Eighteenth-century women's writing and the Methodist media revolution : 'consider the Lord as ever present reader' Andrew O. Winckles 1
The long peace process : the United States of America and Northern Ireland, 1960-2008 Andrew Sanders 1
The sense of the past : three twentieth-century British poets : delivered on 21 October 1982 Charles Tomlinson 1
Photo-texts : contemporary French writing of the photographic image Andy Stafford 1
El muerto disimulado = Presumed dead Angela de Azevedo 1
Migration, ethnicity, and madness : New Zealand, 1860-1910 Angela McCarthy 1
Newspapers and newsmakers : the Dublin nationalist press in the mid-nineteenth century Ann Andrews 1
Spanish spaces : landscape, space and place in contemporary Spanish culture Ann Davies 1
La escuela de Calderʹon : estudio e investigaciʹon Ann L. Mackenzie 1
Shakespeare's Chaucer : a study in literary origins Ann Thompson 1
Rhetorics of belonging : nation, narration, and Israel/Palestine Anna Bernard 1
Collective conviction : the story of disaster action Anne Eyre 1
Mapping the Amazon : literary geography after the rubber boom Amanda M. Smith 1
The West Indian generation : remaking British culture in London, 1945-1965 Amanda Bidnall 1
Gainsborough's vision Amal Asfour 1
Graeco-Roman funerary stelae from Upper Egypt Aly Abdalla 1
Narrative of two voyages to the River Sierra Leone during the years 1791-1792-1793 A. M. Falconbridge 1
Henry Goulburn, 1784-1856 : a political biography Brian Jenkins 1
The Athenian Constitution : written in the School of Aristotle Aristotle 1
Harmful interaction between the living and the dead in Greek tragedy Bridget Martin 1
Porous city : a cultural history of Rio de Janeiro (from the 1810s onward) Bruno Carvalho 1
Back to modern reason : Johan Hjerpe and other petit bourgeios in Stockholm in the Age of Enlightenment Arne Jarrick 1
Accidental Orientalists : modern Italian travelers in Ottoman lands Barbara Spackman 1
The origins of Palestinian art Bashir Makhoul 1
Affective disorders : emotion in colonial and postcolonial literature Bede Scott 1
The pataphysician's library : an exploration of Alfred Jarry's Livres pairs Ben Fisher 1
Disability studies and Spanish culture : films, novels, the comic and the public exhibition Benjamin Fraser 1
Charlotte Smith and the sonnet : form, place and tradition in the late eighteenth century Bethan Roberts 1
The French Atlantic : travels in culture and history Bill Marshall 1
The Armenian history attributed to Sebeos Bishop of Bagratunikʿ Sebēos 1
On the nature of man Bishop of Emesa Nemesius 1
Optatus : against the Donatists Bishop of Mileve Saint Optatus 1
The chronicle of Pseudo-Zachariah Rhetor : church and war in late antiquity Bishop of Mytilene Zacharias 1
Glory of the confessors Bishop of Tours Saint Gregory 1
Glory of the martyrs Bishop of Tours Saint Gregory 1
Avitus of Vienne, letters and selected prose Bishop of Vienne Saint Avitus 1
History of the Vandal persecution Bishop of Vita Victor 1
Ceremonial synagogue textiles : from Ashkenazi, Sephardi, and Italian communities Bracha Yaniv 1
Outcasts from Eden : ideas of landscape in British poetry since 1945 Edward Picot 1
The collected writings of Edward Rushton, (1756-1814) Edward Rushton 1
Contesting views : the visual economy of France and Algeria Edward Welch 1
The persistence of memory : remembering slavery in Liverpool, 'slaving capital of the world' Jessica Moody 1
William Roscoe : commerce and culture Arline Wilson 1
Famine in Tudor and Stuart England Andrew B. Appleby 1
Tony Harrison and the Holocaust Antony Rowland 1
John Baskerville : art and industry in the enlightenment Caroline Archer-Parre 1
Porous city : a cultural history of Rio de Janeiro (from the 1810s onwards) Bruno Carvalho 1
Is theory good for the Jews? : French Thought and the Challenge of the New Antisemitism Bruno Chaouat 1
Movements of the hand C. G. Phillips 1
The cannibal hymn : a cultural and literary study C. J. Eyre 1
Narrating utopia : ideology, gender, form in utopian literature C. S. Ferns 1
Poetry & Barthes : Anglophone responses 1970-2000 Calum Gardner 1
Gabriel García Márquez and the invention of America Carlos Fuentes 1
Charlotte Perkins Gilman : her progress toward Utopia with selected writings Carol Farley Kessler 1
Argentine cinema and national identity (1966-1976) Carolina Rocha 1
Sport and society in global France : nations, migrations, corporations Cathal Kilcline 1
Liverpool and the slave trade Anthony Tibbles 1
Fascist directive : Ezra Pound and Italian cultural nationalism Catherine E. Paul 1
Inside the invisible : memorialising slavery and freedom in the life and works of Lubaina Himid Celeste-Marie Bernier 1
Language and literary form in French Caribbean writing Celia Britton 1
The sense of community in French Caribbean fiction Celia Britton 1
Rumors of war and infernal machines : technomilitary agenda-setting in American and British speculative fiction Charles E. Gannon 1
Technology and man : the first Leverhulme memorial lecture, delivered 25 October 1971 in the University of Liverpool Brian Flowers 1
Marriage, parenthood and social policy Brian Abel-Smith 1
Weathering the storm : the Mersey docks financial crisis 1970-74 Anthony Lynch 1
The excursion and Wordsworth's iconography Brandon Chao-Chi Yen 1
Grounds for review : the garden festival in urban planning and design Andrew C. Theokas 1
Joseph Brodsky and the Baroque David MacFadyen 1
Marie NDiaye : blankness and recognition Andrew Asibong 1
The birth of a pension scheme : a history of the Universities Superannuation Scheme Douglas Logan 1
A quest for home : reading Robert Southey Christopher J. P. Smith 1
Philip K. Dick : exhilaration and terror of the postmodern Christopher Palmer 1
Cain's : the story of Liverpool in a print Christopher Routledge 1
Planning and profits : British Naval Armaments Manufacture and the Military Complex 1918-1941 Christopher W. Miller 1
Begging, charity and religion in pre-famine Ireland Ciarán McCabe 1
A runner among falling leaves Ciaran O'Driscoll 1
The Roman Hannibal : remembering the enemy in Silius Italicus' Punica Claire Stocks 1
Cities in dialogue Claire Taylor 1
The seed was planted : the Saõ Paulo roots of Brazil's rural labor movement, 1924-1964 Cliff Welch 1
Latin America, area studies and regional perspectives : an inaugural lecture delivered 24 February 1972 Clifford T. Smith 1
Malcolm MacDonald : bringing an end to empire Clyde Sanger 1
Visions of Blake : William Blake in the art world 1830-1930 Colin Trodd 1
The French anarchists in London, 1880-1914 : exile and transnationalism in the first globalisation Constance Bantman 1
The chronicle of Constantine Manasses Constantine Manasses 1
Anarchist seeds beneath the snow : left-libertarian thought and British writers from William Morris to Colin Ward David Goodway 1
Poetics of the poster : the rhetoric of image-text David H. T. Scott 1
Consumer chronicles : cultures of consumption in modern French literature David H. Walker 1
Gothic feminism : the professionalization of gender from Charlotte Smith to the Brontës Diane Long Hoeveler 1
If the Irish ran the world : Montserrat, 1630-1730 Donald Harman Akenson 1
Culture, conflict and migration : the Irish in Victorian Cumbria Donald M. MacRaild 1
Faith, fraternity and fighting : the Orange Order and Irish migrants in northern England, c. 1850-1920 Donald M. MacRaild 1
Family allowances, technical change, inequality and social policy Christopher Freeman 1
The voice of the provinces : the regional press in revolutionary Ireland, 1914-1921 Christopher Doughan 1
Brass plate and brazen impudence : dental practice in the provinces, 1755-1855 Christine Hillam 1
Memoirs of a Leavisite : the decline and fall of Cambridge English David Ellis 1
The original Liverpool Sound : the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic story Darren Henley 1
Public sculpture of Lancashire and Cumbria David A. Cross 1
Friends and enemies : the scribal politics of post/colonial literature Chris Bongie 1
Poetry and language writing : objective and surreal David Arnold 1
London Underground : a cultural geography David Ashford 1
The licensed city : regulating drink in Liverpool, 1830-1920 David Beckingham 1
'His Majesty's loyal opposition' : the Unionist Party in opposition 1905-1915 David Dutton 1
The strange death of the liberal empire : Lord Selborne in South Africa David E. Torrance 1
Byron in Geneva : that summer of 1816 David Ellis 1
Sex and love in D.H. Lawrence David Ellis 1
The Ionian Islands in the Bronze Age and early Iron Age, 3000-800BC Christina Souyoudzoglou-Haywood 1
Postcolonial asylum : seeking sanctuary before the law David Farrier 1
Excavations on St. Patrick's Isle, Peel, Isle of Man, 1982-88 : prehistoric, viking, medieval and later David Freke 1
Offshore island politics : the constitutional and political development of the Isle of Man in the twentieth century D. G. Kermode 1
The Williams dictionary of biomaterials D. F. Williams 1
Dread Trident : tabletop role-playing games and the modern fantastic Curtis D. Carbonell 1
Irish London : middle-class migration in the global eighteenth century Craig Bailey 1
Walter Greenwood's 'Love on the dole' : novel, play, film Chris Hopkins 1
Terraforming : ecopolitical transformations and environmentalism in science fiction Chris Pak 1
Georges Brassens and Jaques Brel : personal and social narratives in post-war chanson Chris Tinker 1
Sound Dorothy Watt 1
Michel Houellebecq : humanity and its aftermath Douglas Morrey 1
Featuring post-national Spain : film essays Andrés Zamora 1
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