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Heinemann Library is a book publisher with 2,768 books and 5,015 editions in our database between 1993 and 2014

1993 - 2014
1993 - 2014


There are 2,768 books and 5,015 editions published by Heinemann Library between 1993 and 2014 in our database:

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Most edited books

Explore the most edited books amongst the 5,015 by Heinemann Library in our database:

Here with the top 100 in terms of edition:

Title Author Editions
Sikhism Sue Penney 8
Hinduism Sue Penney 8
Islam Sue Penney 8
Judaism Sue Penney 8
Christianity Sue Penney 8
Buddhism Sue Penney 7
Hurricane Catherine Chambers 5
Drought Catherine Chambers 5
Tornado Catherine Chambers 5
The life and work of Paul Klee Sean Connolly 5
Thunderstorm Catherine Chambers 4
The Sun Raman Prinja 4
Stars and constellations Raman Prinja 4
Woodwind Wendy Lynch 4
Strings Wendy Lynch 4
Percussion Wendy Lynch 4
The life and work of Vincent van Gogh Sean Connolly 4
Islands Catherine Chambers 4
Keyboards Wendy Lynch 4
The mystery of the abominable snowman Holly Wallace 4
How artists use line and tone Paul Flux 4
A citizen's guide to governing the UK Ivan Minnis 4
Energy from fossil fuels Robert Snedden 4
Asia Leila Merrell Foster 4
Energy transfer Robert Snedden 4
Hiroshima : the shadow of the bomb Richard Tames 4
Ancient Chinese art Jane Shuter 4
Energy alternatives Robert Snedden 4
Survival and change Steve Parker 4
The Irish famine : the birth of Irish America Tony Allan 4
Europe Leila Merrell Foster 4
Nuclear energy Robert Snedden 4
Rivers Catherine Chambers 4
The mystery of the Bermuda triangle Chris Oxlade 4
The fall of the Berlin Wall : the Cold War ends Nigel Kelly 4
Australia and Oceania Mary Virginia Fox 4
Brass Wendy Lynch 4
Oceans and seas Catherine Chambers 4
North America Mary Virginia Fox 4
South America Mary Virginia Fox 4
The life and work of Henry Moore Sean Connolly 4
Metals Chris Oxlade 4
The moon Raman Prinja 4
Material changes and reactions Chris Oxlade 4
Life cycle of a guinea pig Angela Royston 4
Africa Leila Merrell Foster 4
Classification Holly Wallace 4
Mountains Catherine Chambers 4
Lakes Catherine Chambers 4
The benefits of bacteria Robert Snedden 4
Across the solar system Rod Theodorou 4
Birds Rod Theodorou 4
Life cycles Holly Wallace 4
Amphibians Rod Theodorou 4
Life cycle of a broad bean Angela Royston 4
Fish Rod Theodorou 4
Life cycle of a chicken Angela Royston 4
Worm Jill Bailey 4
Ant Karen Hartley 4
Antarctica Leila Merrell Foster 4
A visit to Egypt Peter Roop 4
Life cycle of a frog Angela Royston 4
Ancient Greek art Susie Hodge 4
Reptiles Rod Theodorou 4
Mammals Rod Theodorou 4
Flood Catherine Chambers 4
The printing press : a breakthrough in communication Richard Tames 4
To the depths of the ocean Rod Theodorou 4
Blizzard Catherine Chambers 4
Big freeze Catherine Chambers 4
Deserts Catherine Chambers 4
Ancient Roman art Susie Hodge 4
Atoms Chris Oxlade 4
Penicillin : a breakthrough in medicine Richard Tames 4
Motorbikes Chris Oxlade 4
Insects Rod Theodorou 4
Inside a coral reef Carole Telford 3
Mexico Julie McCulloch 3
Design, cut & shape Hazel King 3
China Julie McCulloch 3
Dyes & decoration Hazel King 3
Down a river Carole Telford 3
India Julie McCulloch 3
Italy Julie McCulloch 3
Japan Julie McCulloch 3
Plants & fungi : multicelled life Robert Snedden 3
Black rhino Louise Spilsbury 3
Life cycle of a kangaroo Angela Royston 3
The Moon landing : the race into space Nigel Kelly 3
Emergency vehicles Chris Oxlade 3
Wind and air pressure Alan Rodgers 3
Materials technology Robert Snedden 3
Elements and compounds Chris Oxlade 3
Fashion Hazel King 3
The life and work of Leonardo Da Vinci Sean Connolly 3
Fabric types Hazel King 3
Stick insect Karen Hartley 3
Fibre to fabric Hazel King 3
Food and consumers Hazel King 3
Hockey Andy Smith 3
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