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Harper Collins is a book publisher with 7,475 books and 9,106 editions in our database between 1974 and 2020

1974 - 2020
1974 - 2020


There are 7,475 books and 9,106 editions published by Harper Collins between 1974 and 2020 in our database

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Most edited books

Explore the most edited books amongst the 9,106 by Harper Collins in our database

Title Author Editions
The Lord of the rings J. R. R. Tolkien 13
The hobbit, or, There and back again J. R. R. Tolkien 10
The silmarillion J. R. R. Tolkien 10
The mystery of the Blue Train Agatha Christie 6
The mysterious affair at Styles Agatha Christie 6
Cards on the table Agatha Christie 6
By the pricking of my thumbs Agatha Christie 5
Letters from Father Christmas J. R. R. Tolkien 5
Tales from the perilous realm J. R. R. Tolkien 5
Mrs. McGinty's dead Agatha Christie 5
One, two, buckle my shoe Agatha Christie 5
They came to Baghdad Agatha Christie 5
The ABC murders Agatha Christie 5
The Hollow Agatha Christie 5
Appointment with death Agatha Christie 5
And then there were none Agatha Christie 5
Dead man's folly Agatha Christie 5
Lord Edgware dies Agatha Christie 5
Unfinished tales of Númenor and Middle-earth J. R. R. Tolkien 5
Dumb witness Agatha Christie 5
The two towers J. R. R. Tolkien 5
Five little pigs Agatha Christie 5
The moving finger Agatha Christie 5
Death on the Nile Agatha Christie 5
Death in the clouds Agatha Christie 5
Sad cypress Agatha Christie 4
Ordeal by innocence Agatha Christie 4
The thirteen problems Agatha Christie 4
Hickory dickory dock Agatha Christie 4
Peril at End House Agatha Christie 4
Taken at the flood Agatha Christie 4
The wire in the blood Val McDermid 4
The murder of Roger Ackroyd Agatha Christie 4
Collins gem whisky Carol P. Shaw 4
Hallowe'en party Agatha Christie 4
The girl in Times Square Paullina Simons 4
Towards zero Agatha Christie 4
The murder at the vicarage Agatha Christie 4
Jane's guns recognition guide Ian V. Hogg 4
A murder is announced Agatha Christie 4
A pocket full of rye Agatha Christie 4
Divorcing Jack Colin Bateman 4
The man in the brown suit Agatha Christie 4
Murder on the Orient Express Agatha Christie 4
The Sittaford mystery Agatha Christie 4
Kiss the girls James Patterson 4
The labours of Hercules Agatha Christie 4
The fellowship of the ring J. R. R. Tolkien 4
Master and commander Patrick O'Brian 4
The wine-dark sea Patrick O'Brian 4
Singing the sadness Reginald Hill 4
Why didn't they ask Evans? Agatha Christie 4
Halliwell's film guide Leslie Halliwell 4
Death comes as the end Agatha Christie 4
4.50 from Paddington Agatha Christie 4
Bradford's crossword solver's dictionary Anne R. Bradford 4
Nemesis Agatha Christie 4
The guns of Navarone Alistair MacLean 4
Mr. Bliss J. R. R. Tolkien 3
The return of the king : being the third part of The lord of the rings J. R. R. Tolkien 3
The final country James Crumley 3
Courting trouble Lisa Scottoline 3
Air battle force Dale Brown 3
The last darkness Campbell Armstrong 3
The mermaids singing Val McDermid 3
Treason's harbour Patrick O'Brian 3
Innocence Kathleen Tessaro 3
Home truths : life around my father Penny Junor 3
Virtual experiments CD-ROM Chris Sunley 3
The return of the king J. R. R. Tolkien 3
The history of the Hobbit John D. Rateliff 3
Absolute truths Susan Howatch 3
Collins bird guide Lars Svensson 3
One for my baby Tony Parsons 3
A monk swimming Malachy McCourt 3
The family way Tony Parsons 3
Love in another town Barbara Taylor Bradford 3
Whispers of betrayal Michael Dobbs 3
Wiring and lighting Albert Jackson 3
Monica : from fear to victory Monica Seles 3
Murder in Mesopotamia Agatha Christie 3
Killing Grace Simon Shaw 3
The fellowship of the ring : being the first part of The Lord of the Rings J. R. R. Tolkien 3
Man and wife Tony Parsons 3
The forest of souls Carla Banks 3
The reverse of the medal Patrick O'Brian 3
The wolves of time William Horwood 3
Weatherproofing and insulation Albert Jackson 3
Cats Darren Bennett 3
The peoples of middle-earth J. R. R. Tolkien 3
A genius for war : a life of General George S. Patton Carlo D'Este 3
The hobbit ; &, The lord of the Rings J. R. R. Tolkien 3
Tolkien and the Great War : the threshold of Middle-earth John Garth 3
The Mauritius command Patrick O'Brian 3
Spares Michael Marshall Smith 3
Havana best friends José Latour 3
Blood sympathy Reginald Hill 3
After the funeral Agatha Christie 3
The sum of all fears Tom Clancy 3
Death on the air : and other stories Ngaio Marsh 3
Lake District William Forrester 3
The distant echo Val McDermid 3
The Bible book Nick Page 3
Elspeth Huxley : a biography C. S. Nicholls 3
Yesterday's shadow Jon Cleary 3
Maroc Daniel Easterman 3
Along came a spider James Patterson 3
The fortune of war Patrick O'Brian 3
The far side of the world Patrick O'Brian 3
Cat among the pigeons Agatha Christie 3
Flashman and the tiger : and other extracts from the Flashman papers George MacDonald Fraser 3
Crooked house Agatha Christie 3
Destination unknown Agatha Christie 3
A darkening stain Robert Wilson 3
A cold touch of ice Michael Pearce 3
The powers behind the Prime Minister : the hidden influence of Number Ten Dennis Kavanagh 3
Killing the shadows Val McDermid 3
The hobbit J. R. R. Tolkien 3
Hercule Poirot's Christmas Agatha Christie 3
The jaguar mask Daniel Easterman 3
The judgement of strangers Andrew Taylor 3
The commodore Patrick O'Brian 3
Europe by train : the complete guide to inter railing Katie Wood 3
Evil under the sun Agatha Christie 3
The surgeon's mate Patrick O'Brian 3
The Ionian mission Patrick O'Brian 3
The five giants : a biography of the Welfare State Nicholas Timmins 3
The question Jane Asher 3
Chameleon Mark Burnell 3
A place of execution Val McDermid 3
Sharpe's tiger : Richard Sharpe and the Siege of Seringapatam, 1799 Bernard Cornwell 3
They do it with mirrors Agatha Christie 3
The seven Dials mystery Agatha Christie 3
The secret of Chimneys Agatha Christie 3
The King's English : a guide to modern usage Kingsley Ami.s 3
The pale horse Agatha Christie 3
Faust's metropolis : a history of Berlin Alexandra Richie 3
Manual of the warrior of the light Paulo Coelho 3
The constant princess Philippa Gregory 3
Poirot investigates Agatha Christie 3
The lady tree Christie Dickason 3
Scotland Alex Ramsay 3
Parker Pyne investigates Agatha Christie 3
Empires of the monsoon : a history of the Indian Ocean and its invaders Richard Hall 3
Sparkling cyanide Agatha Christie 3
Darkhouse Alex Barclay 3
Eleven minutes Paulo Coelho 3
Poirot's early cases Agatha Christie 3
N or M? Agatha Christie 3
The easy sin Jon Cleary 3
Virgin Earth Philippa Gregory 3
The Kenneth Williams letters Kenneth Williams 3
Partners in crime Agatha Christie 3
Falling angels Tracy Chevalier 3
Sleeping murder Agatha Christie 3
The thirteen-gun salute Patrick O'Brian 3
Trotsky : the eternal revolutionary D. A. Volkogonov 3
Murder on the links Agatha Christie 3
The black raven Katharine Kerr 3
The mirror crack'd from side to side Agatha Christie 3
The devil and Miss Prym Paulo Coelho 3
The delicate storm Giles Blunt 3
Hitch-hiker's guide to Europe : how to see Europe by the skin of your teeth Ken Welsh 3
The big killing Robert Wilson 3
Storm command : a personal account of the Gulf War Peter De la Billière 3
Instruments of darkness Robert Wilson 3
Antique marks Anna Selby 3
Clean break Val McDermid 3
Murder is easy Agatha Christie 3
Green Mars Kim Stanley Robinson 3
Murder in the mews Agatha Christie 3
Computers Brian Samways 3
Plumbing and central heating Albert Jackson 3
A respectable trade Philippa Gregory 3
The coins of Judas Scott McBain 3
Regina's song David Eddings 3
Ralegh's last journey : a tale of madness, vanity and treachery Paul Hyland 3
The other Boleyn girl Philippa Gregory 3
Vivienne Westwood : an unfashionable life Jane Mulvagh 3
A history of Hong Kong Frank Welsh 3
Veronika decides to die Paulo Coelho 3
The mysterious Mr.Quin Agatha Christie 3
Gallows thief Bernard Cornwell 3
Clarissa Oakes Patrick O'Brian 3
Dead alone Gay Longworth 3
The adventure of the Christmas pudding Agatha Christie 3
The big four Agatha Christie 3
The body in the library Agatha Christie 3
Yorkshire Dales Colin Speakman 3
The clocks Agatha Christie 3
Toad triumphant William Horwood 2
Elegance Kathleen Tessaro 2
Masters of the house Robert Barnard 2
The flirt Kathleen Tessaro 2
The Queen and Di Ingrid Seward 2
Venona : the greatest secret of the Cold War Nigel West 2
Coco Chanel : the legend and the life Justine Picardie 2
The willows in winter William Horwood 2
The perfect sinner Will Davenport 2
The final judgement Daniel Easterman 2
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