Franklin Watts

Franklin Watts is a book publisher with 4,513 books and 7,250 editions in our database between 1961 and 2022

1961 - 2022
1961 - 2022


There are 4,513 books and 7,250 editions published by Franklin Watts between 1961 and 2022 in our database:

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Most edited books

Explore the most edited books amongst the 7,250 by Franklin Watts in our database:

Here with the top 100 in terms of edition:

Title Author Editions
India Anita Ganeri 5
Tennis Clive Gifford 5
Football Clive Gifford 4
Judo Paul Mason 4
The Greeks Sally Hewitt 4
Finn MacCool and the Giant's Causeway Malachy Doyle 4
Jack the giant-killer Malachy Doyle 4
Rumpelstiltskin Barrie Wade 4
George and the dragon Anne Adeney 4
Aladdin and the lamp Hilary Robinson 4
India Jillian Powell 4
Light and colour Peter D. Riley 4
Theseus and the minotaur Laura North 4
Rapunzel Hilary Robinson 4
Let's build a house Mick Manning 4
Weather Sally Hewitt 4
Clothes Ruth Thomson 4
Romulus and Remus Mick Gowar 4
The little red hen Penny Dolan 4
Rugby Clive Gifford 4
King Midas's golden touch Julia Jarman 3
Sleeping Beauty Anne Walter 3
My class goes swimming Vivien Griffiths 3
From caterpillar to butterfly Gerald Legg 3
Goldilocks and the three bears Barrie Wade 3
Athletics Clive Gifford 3
Electricity Peter D. Riley 3
Toby and the great fire of London Margaret Nash 3
The elves and the shoemaker Anne Walter 3
Tudor theatre Moira Butterfield 3
Nature vs man Antony Mason 3
Keep your cool : how to deal with life's worries and stress Aaron Balick 3
Tudor exploration Moira Butterfield 3
Plastic Claire Llewellyn 3
Puss in boots Anne Cassidy 3
My class looks after pets Vicki Lee 3
Killer dinosaurs Liz Miles 3
From egg to chicken Gerald Legg 3
My class goes to the library Vivien Griffiths 3
From seed to sunflower Gerald Legg 3
Dinosaurs Annabelle Lynch 3
Lion's in a flap : a book about feeling worried Sue Graves 3
Elephant learns to share : a book about sharing Sue Graves 3
Going shopping Fiona Macdonald 3
Dick Whittington Margaret Nash 3
Hiroshima : the story of the first atom bomb Clive Lawton 3
The Gingerbread Man Robert James 3
Big cats Annabelle Lynch 3
Collage Anthony Hodge 3
Seasons Peter D. Riley 3
Forces and movement Peter D. Riley 3
Wood Claire Llewellyn 3
Metal Claire Llewellyn 3
Egyptians Rachel Wright 3
Great Britain Clare Oliver 3
My class visits a park Vicki Lee 3
Habitats Peter D. Riley 3
Paper Claire Llewellyn 3
World War II Sally Hewitt 3
The fifties Pat Scott 3
Sea monsters Liz Miles 3
Wind power Neil Morris 3
Henry VIII Moira Butterfield 3
Water power Neil Morris 3
Snow White Maggie Moore 3
Arts and music Dan Lyndon 3
Civil rights and equality Dan Lyndon 3
Community and identity Dan Lyndon 3
Hearing sounds Sally Hewitt 3
Biomass power Neil Morris 3
The boy who cried wolf Elizabeth Adams 3
Not fair, won't share Sue Graves 3
Genetic revolution Ewan McLeish 3
Pirates Neil Morris 3
Nuclear power Neil Morris 3
Motorbikes Chris Oxlade 3
China Jillian Powell 3
Everyday life Moira Butterfield 3
Hansel and Gretel Penny Dolan 3
Flying monsters Liz Miles 3
How did I begin? Mick Manning 3
The human body Peter D. Riley 3
Paints Henry Pluckrose 3
Sound Peter D. Riley 3
What animal is it? Peter D. Riley 3
Chicken licken Jackie Walter 3
Puppets Lyndie Wright 3
Water Sally Hewitt 3
Splish, splash, splosh! Mick Manning 3
No dinner for Anansi Trish Cooke 3
Stone age bone age! Mick Manning 3
Crayons Henry Pluckrose 3
The Earth in space Peter D. Riley 3
Cinderella Anne Cassidy 3
Collage Hilary Devonshire 3
What's up? Mick Manning 3
Brazil Annabel Savery 3
Wild and free Mick Manning 3
The Romans Sally Hewitt 3
Starting school Caryn Jenner 2
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