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Fontana is a book publisher with 3,834 books and 4,483 editions in our database between 1956 and 2009

1956 - 2009
1956 - 2009


There are 3,834 books and 4,483 editions published by Fontana between 1956 and 2009 in our database

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Most edited books

Explore the most edited books amongst the 4,483 by Fontana in our database

Title Author Editions
Europe by train : the complete guide to inter railing Katie Wood 7
Hitch-hiker's guide to Europe : how to see Europe by the skin of your teeth Ken Welsh 6
The politics of the judiciary J. A. G. Griffith 5
Don't stop the carnival Herman Wouk 5
The round the world air guide Katie Wood 5
Politics and the nation, 1450-1660 : obedience, resistance and public order D. M. Loades 4
Elephants can remember Agatha Christie 4
The last frontier Alistair MacLean 4
The spoilers Desmond Bagley 4
The freedom trap Desmond Bagley 4
The woman destroyed Simone de Beauvoir 4
Understanding American politics R. V. Denenberg 4
The Trojan horse Hammond Innes 4
Running blind Desmond Bagley 4
Colour scheme Ngaio Marsh 4
Journey into fear Eric Ambler 4
Murder in the mews and three other Poirot cases Agatha Christie 4
A murder is announced Agatha Christie 4
At Bertram's Hotel Agatha Christie 4
Clutch of constables Ngaio Marsh 4
The secret woman Victoria Holt 4
The winds of war Herman Wouk 4
Caravan to Vaccarès Alistair MacLean 4
Harry's game Gerald Seymour 4
Bear Island Alistair MacLean 4
The glory boys Gerald Seymour 4
Menfreya Victoria Holt 4
The unconquerable Helen MacInnes 4
A plague of sailors Brian Callison 3
When eight bells toll Alistair MacLean 3
A web of salvage Brian Callison 3
Fear is the key Alistair MacLean 3
Chomsky John Lyons 3
Force 10 from Navarone Alistair MacLean 3
Sweet William Beryl Bainbridge 3
The Levanter Eric Ambler 3
Leith's cookery course Prudence Leith 3
Marnie Winston Graham 3
Play Catherine Garvey 3
The walking stick Winston Graham 3
A pocket full of rye Agatha Christie 3
The way to dusty death Alistair MacLean 3
The intercom conspiracy Eric Ambler 3
Demelza : a novel of Cornwall,1788-1790 Winston Graham 3
The satan bug Alistair MacLean 3
Piaget Margaret A. Boden 3
Les Belles images Simone de Beauvoir 3
Circus Alistair MacLean 3
Breakheart Pass Alistair MacLean 3
Saraband for two sisters Philippa Carr 3
The perceptual world of the child T. G. R. Bower 3
How many miles to Babylon? Jennifer Johnston 3
Ice Station Zebra Alistair MacLean 3
The ruthless range Lewis B. Patten 3
Corporation wife Catherine Gaskin 3
Daughter of the house Catherine Gaskin 3
The final hour Taylor Caldwell 3
Edge of glass Catherine Gaskin 3
Absent in the spring Mary Westmacott 3
Durkheim Anthony Giddens 3
The golden rendezvous Alistair MacLean 3
Dirty story : a further account of the life and adventures of Arthur Abdel Simpson Eric Ambler 3
Soft city Jonathan Raban 3
Lament for a lost lover Philippa Carr 3
Once a month Katharina Dalton 3
The Lynmara legacy Catherine Gaskin 3
The property of a gentleman Catherine Gaskin 3
The guns of Navarone Alistair MacLean 3
The file on Devlin Catherine Gaskin 3
Puppet on a chain Alistair MacLean 3
The eagles gather Taylor Caldwell 3
Strikes Richard Hyman 3
The summer of the Spanish woman Catherine Gaskin 3
Message from Málaga Helen MacInnes 3
N or M? Agatha Christie 3
Campbell's kingdom Hammond Innes 3
A cage of ice Duncan Kyle 3
South by Java Head Alistair MacLean 3
North from Rome Helen MacInnes 3
The Golden Gate Alistair MacLean 3
Partners in crime Agatha Christie 3
Pray for a brave heart Helen MacInnes 3
Passenger to Frankfurt : an extravaganza Agatha Christie 3
Nemesis Agatha Christie 3
The 'Caine' mutiny Herman Wouk 3
Wyatt's hurricane Desmond Bagley 3
Ordeal by innocence Agatha Christie 3
Black as he's painted Ngaio Marsh 3
The first circle Aleksandr Isaevich Solzhenit︠s︡yn 3
The Venetian affair Helen MacInnes 3
The Hollow Agatha Christie 3
The Salzburg connection Helen MacInnes 3
The Listerdale mystery Agatha Christie 3
The Master and Margarita Mikhail Bulgakov 3
The mirror crack'd from side to side Agatha Christie 3
The Queen's confession : a fictional autobiography Victoria Holt 3
Freud Richard Wollheim 3
The tightrope men Desmond Bagley 3
Grave mistake Ngaio Marsh 3
Atlantic fury Hammond Innes 3
Friends and lovers Helen MacInnes 3
Language made plain Anthony Burgess 3
Dead water Ngaio Marsh 3
Death and the dancing footman Ngaio Marsh 3
Agent in place Helen MacInnes 3
Escape alone David Armine Howarth 3
Enter a murderer Ngaio Marsh 3
Final curtain Ngaio Marsh 3
Hercule Poirot's Christmas Agatha Christie 3
Terror's cradle Duncan Kyle 3
My enemy the Queen Victoria Holt 3
The golden keel Desmond Bagley 3
Off with his head Ngaio Marsh 3
The Vivero letter Desmond Bagley 3
I and my true love Helen MacInnes 3
Flight into fear Duncan Kyle 3
Landslide Desmond Bagley 3
Opening night Ngaio Marsh 3
Singing in the shrouds Ngaio Marsh 2
The Leopard Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa 2
The journeyman tailor Gerald Seymour 2
The 'Strode Venturer' Hammond Innes 2
The angry mountain Hammond Innes 2
The big footprints Hammond Innes 2
The blue ice Hammond Innes 2
Last ditch Ngaio Marsh 2
Overture to death Ngaio Marsh 2
Spinsters in jeopardy Ngaio Marsh 2
Wreckers must breathe Hammond Innes 2
Surfeit of lampreys Ngaio Marsh 2
Swing, brother, swing Ngaio Marsh 2
Red fox Gerald Seymour 2
Tied up in tinsel Ngaio Marsh 2
When in Rome Ngaio Marsh 2
Eleni Nicholas Gage 2
Diaries and letters [of] Harold Nicolson Harold Nicolson 2
The computer and the mind : an introduction to cognitive science P. N. Johnson-Laird 2
The wolves Hans Hellmut Kirst 2
The nursing home murder Ngaio Marsh 2
Golden Soak Hammond Innes 2
Early Greece Oswyn Murray 2
Europe : privilege and protest, 1730-1789 Olwen H. Hufton 2
On the night of the seventh moon Victoria Holt 2
The land God gave to Cain Hammond Innes 2
South Riding : an English landscape Winifred Holtby 2
The tumbled house Winston Graham 2
Poirot's early cases Agatha Christie 2
4.50 from Paddington Agatha Christie 2
A Caribbean mystery Agatha Christie 2
Mrs. McGinty's dead Agatha Christie 2
The spoils of war Keith Miles 2
The I.R.A. Tim Pat Coogan 2
Maddon's Rock Hammond Innes 2
Levkas Man Hammond Innes 2
Attack alarm Hammond Innes 2
'North Star' Hammond Innes 2
Tall man riding Norman Fox 2
The trembling hills Norman Fox 2
The invisible man H. G. Wells 2
Kipps : the story of a simple soul H. G. Wells 2
An operational necessity Gwyn Griffin 2
The wreck of the 'Mary Deare' Hammond Innes 2
A cleft of stars Geoffrey Jenkins 2
Vintage murder Ngaio Marsh 2
Lime Street at two Helen Forrester 2
Birds, beasts and relatives Gerald Durrell 2
Desolation island Patrick O'Brian 2
Master and commander Patrick O'Brian 2
Heidegger George Steiner 2
The Mauritius command Patrick O'Brian 2
Condition black Gerald Seymour 2
The realities behind diplomacy : background influences on British external policy, 1865-1980 Paul M. Kennedy 2
Spain and the Netherlands, 1559-1659 : ten studies Geoffrey Parker 2
I never loved your mind Paul Zindel 2
My darling, my hamburger Paul Zindel 2
The life and death of St.Kilda Tom Steel 2
The Watering Place of Good Peace Geoffrey Jenkins 2
In harm's way Geoffrey Jenkins 2
Hunter-killer Geoffrey Jenkins 2
Confessions of a teenage baboon Paul Zindel 2
Died in the wool Ngaio Marsh 2
Death in ecstasy Ngaio Marsh 2
Death in a white tie Ngaio Marsh 2
Goodbye California Alistair MacLean 2
Catch me a colobus Gerald Durrell 2
Fillets of plaice Gerald Durrell 2
A twist of sand Geoffrey Jenkins 2
Serpico Peter Maas 2
Kingfisher Gerald Seymour 2
The A-Z of astronomy Patrick Moore 2
The bitter tea Gavin Black 2
Suddenly,at Singapore Gavin Black 2
Understanding public law Gabriele Ganz 2
The Tao of physics : an exploration of the parallels between modern physics and Eastern mysticism Fritjof Capra 2
Birth without violence Frederick Leboyer 2
The fifteenth Fontana book of crosswords Frederick Harding 2
Reunion Fred Uhlman 2
A bridge of magpies Geoffrey Jenkins 2
Modern essays Frank Kermode 2
Wayland's law Frank C. Robertson 2
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