Evans is a book publisher with 1,344 books and 1,714 editions in our database between 1951 and 2012

1951 - 2012
1951 - 2012


There are 1,344 books and 1,714 editions published by Evans between 1951 and 2012 in our database:

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Most edited books

Explore the most edited books amongst the 1,714 by Evans in our database:

Here with the top 100 in terms of edition:

Title Author Editions
Roald Dahl Chris Powling 4
Chinese New Year Catherine Chambers 4
My Muslim faith Khadijah Knight 4
Easter Catherine Chambers 4
Passover David W. Rose 4
Christmas Catherine Chambers 4
Doing the double Alan Durant 3
Look out on the road Paul Humphrey 3
Black Beauty Pauline Francis 3
Visiting a church Ruth Nason 3
The lost world Pauline Francis 3
Florence Nightingale Stewart Ross 3
Jobs people do Anna Lee 3
Witness Anne Cassidy 3
My Sikh faith Kanwaljit Kaur-Singh 3
Toys Stewart Ross 3
Blitz David Orme 3
Mary Seacole John Malam 3
Dracula Pauline Francis 3
Plague David Orme 3
Genetic engineering : the facts Sally Morgan 3
Dear Mum, I miss you! Stewart Ross 3
My Christian faith Alison Seaman 3
Divali Dilip Kadodwala 3
Martin Luther King John Malam 3
Forces and movement Claire Llewellyn 3
Shouting at the stars David Belbin 3
My Jewish faith Anne Clark 3
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Pauline Francis 3
Queen Elizabeth II John Malam 3
Frankenstein Pauline Francis 3
How do you feel? Gillian Liu 3
Moving house Rebecca Hunter 3
Journey to the centre of the Earth Pauline Francis 3
My first day at school Rebecca Hunter 3
Christian stories Anita Ganeri 3
Buddhist stories Anita Ganeri 3
My first visit to hospital Rebecca Hunter 3
My new sister Rebecca Hunter 3
Tears of a friend Joanna Kenrick 3
The Amazon Michael Pollard 3
Ramadan and Id-ul-Fitr Rosalind Kerven 3
Ancient Egypt John Malam 3
Dick King-Smith Chris Powling 3
Oliver Twist Pauline Francis 3
The phantom of the opera Pauline Francis 3
Visiting a mosque Ruth Nason 3
The world of music Nicola Barber 3
Islamic stories Anita Ganeri 3
The hound of the Baskervilles Pauline Francis 3
My Hindu faith Anita Ganeri 3
Sikh stories Anita Ganeri 3
Hindu stories Anita Ganeri 3
Little women Pauline Francis 3
A right to life and death? Kenneth M. Boyd 2
Moulding materials Keith Good 2
Super structures Keith Good 2
Invasion of the shapeshifter Keith West 2
Jason Brent Keith West 2
What is sculpture? Louise Spilsbury 2
Habitats Louise Spilsbury 2
Materials Claire Llewellyn 2
Playground equipment Louise Spilsbury 2
Solids and liquids Louise Spilsbury 2
Education Katie Duckworth 2
Exciting electrics Keith Good 2
Kidnapped Pauline Francis 2
Touching and feeling Katie Dicker 2
Tasting and smelling Katie Dicker 2
Seeing Katie Dicker 2
The Ganges Michael Pollard 2
The Nile Michael Pollard 2
The Wizard of Oz Pauline Francis 2
The Rhine Michael Pollard 2
The Odyssey Pauline Francis 2
The Iliad Pauline Francis 2
Robinson Crusoe Pauline Francis 2
Jane Eyre Pauline Francis 2
Four degrees more Malcolm Rose 2
Plants around us Malcolm Dixon 2
No way Sue Vyner 2
Anglo-Saxons Margaret Sharman 2
Down with the Romans Stewart Ross 2
A Christmas carol Pauline Francis 2
Coasts of the British Isles Terry J. Jennings 2
Women's war Stewart Ross 2
What if the bomb goes off? Stewart Ross 2
The industrial revolution Stewart Ross 2
The great fire of London Stewart Ross 2
The blitz Stewart Ross 2
Seaside holidays Stewart Ross 2
Rationing Stewart Ross 2
Homes Stewart Ross 2
Evacuation Stewart Ross 2
Causes and consequences of the Second World War Stewart Ross 2
Effective English for senior secondary schools : new syllabus Michael Montgomery 2
Causes and consequences of the First World War Stewart Ross 2
Causes and consequences of the Arab-Israeli conflict Stewart Ross 2
Athens is saved! : the first marathon Stewart Ross 2
The Vikings Shahrukh Husain 2
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