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CreateSpace is a book publisher with 118 books and 118 editions in our database between 2008 and 2018

2008 - 2018
2008 - 2018
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There are 118 books and 118 editions published by CreateSpace between 2008 and 2018 in our database

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Most edited books

Explore the most edited books amongst the 118 by CreateSpace in our database

Title Author Editions
7 life lessons on the myths of marriage Abu Layth 1
The haunting of Godfrey Pimple Anthony Healey 1
His face was burning Adrian Regis 1
Something for the journey- Adrian Regis 1
The antpod faction Alex James 1
Crocodiles on the highway Alex Struik 1
Kiria Anna Aliki Polydorou 1
Lady's slipper : when past and present evils intertwine Alison Gray 1
Speaking of the numinous : the meaning of meaning Andrew Lohrey 1
Esther or Delilah? : tales of beauty & seduction Angela De Souza 1
Money matters workbook Angela De Souza 1
Secure on the rock Angela De Souza 1
A mythical reality : in the depths of the realm Annette Parry 1
The stomach - a biography : four thousand years of stomach pains : literature, symptoms and epidemiology J. H. Baron 1
George Beattie of St Cyrus : a poet lost in time : a story of love, conspiracy and betrayal Barry Dominic Graham 1
The mad game Christopher Cherry 1
Pictures from a bygone age : a collection of photographs of Market Lawton & surrounding villages Ben Hartley 1
African plants and trees in poetry Ben Igiebor 1
Letters home, 1939-1946 : sent by Sapper Bill Hardman, R.E. T/115302 Bill Hardman 1
Welcome to Ireland. The exit is over there : Ireland through the eyes of an immigrant Brian Chama 1
Hard reset Carolyn Bass 1
Bring me home Cassia Leo 1
Pieces of you Cassia Leo 1
French sand Catherine Broughton 1
Rebirthing breathwork : the making of an independent adult Catherine Holland 1
Glaston Town Céline La Frenière 1
Spanning a lifetime : a book about bridges with associated stories Chris R. Pownall 1
From rags to couture : a tale of passion and fashion by celebrity hair and make-up artist Aran Guest 1
Mein Kampf = My struggle Adolf Hitler 1
Gorilla masks : the teacher training year Chukwuemeka Ekeowa 1
Mourning memories Lauren Mayhew 1
Take me to the castle F. C. Malby 1
Long search for greener pastures Dandy Ahaoma Ahuruonye 1
Ribbons of steel David Lindsley 1
Domain of dreams Derek McMillan 1
Mirror of eternity. 4 Derek McMillan 1
Salt wars Derek McMillan 1
Space dog Alfred. Volume 1 Derek McMillan 1
Stories from the mirror of eternity : the best stories in eternity Derek McMillan 1
The Miranda revolution : we are many, they are few, they have the tanks so what can we do? Derek McMillan 1
How to be an ocean Dora Snow 1
The circle of fortune Elizabeth Ashworth 1
My life outside Elizabeth Lister 1
Innocence lost : a chronicle of carefree childhood days and bitter years of a German war Else Elfriede Hopp 1
A Mourne townland : the history & people of Aughnaloopy Fiona Doyle Jones 1
Magical masquerade Claire Savage 1
Iraq 2003 : causes and consequences of an imperial expedition Frank H. Wallis 1
The clown king : popular entertainment, 1840-1860 Gareth H. H. Davies 1
Book of the dead Gayle Miller 1
Deepstorm outtack George S. Boughton 1
The sexual mind Girl with a Dirty Mind 1
Four D Gregory Morrison 1
Sales though service : focus on service, and the sales will follow Guy Arnold 1
City of dreams Harriet Steel 1
New born : a modern fable Heather Salmon 1
The good shepherd Hugh Greene 1
When summer ends Isabelle Rae 1
My cherished recipes from friends and family Colette Rigby 1
Hypnosis scripts Jakub Tencl 1
Perception : from a multicultural perspective Jakub Tencl 1
Beware the mandarins Jane M. Hogg 1
The legacy of quests Pam Arthur 1
Transforming a change management organisation : A to Z guide : how to transform the current change management entities into a single integrated change management organisation John Crawford 1
Defuse your pension timebomb : how to create a generous income through property investment John Doherty 1
The Swedish flag and other stories of the twentieth century Judit Brody 1
Royal fleas Jules Marriner 1
Vincent and the vampires Jules Marriner 1
Filmore & me : the dinosaur in my attic Julie Wilsher 1
Larry's lost his roar! Julie Wilsher 1
Polly Mitten : the microscopic kitten Julie Wilsher 1
Burden of the desert Justin Huggler 1
Park life Katharine D'Souza 1
Always you Kirsty Moseley 1
The boy who sneaks in my bedroom window Kirsty Moseley 1
Holy Island L. J. Ross 1
Luck of the draw Pelham McMahon 1
Reality is in a dream Lauren Mayhew 1
Journey to paradise : empty-mind meditation, spiritual sex, sacred energy massage & other healthy practices from Harappa Leigh Martin 1
Dental revision : questions and answers to pass exams in dentistry M. Assadpour 1
Bells & bellfounding : a history church bells carillons John Taylor & Co. bellfounders M. J. Milsom 1
The ailing capitalism : history of global stock market crashes Mahmood Yoosuf Abdulla 1
Send off Sir : the ultimate red card Marc De Caen 1
St Anne's of the locks Margaret A. Majumdar 1
The Prophet of Messiah : the book of Zechariah Mathew Bartlett 1
The prophecy of Amos : a warning for today Mathew Bartlett 1
Moirae Mehreen Ahmed 1
St George and the dragons : the making of English identity Michael Collins 1
South East Asian railway journeys. 5, Hanoi to Saigon Mike Sharrocks 1
A survey of Turkey's economy and politics : from 1923, the foundation of the republic until 2007 Mükerrem Hiç 1
The price of salt Patricia Highsmith 1
Rufinus : standard-bearer of the 9th legion Adam Parker 1
Haunted Hertfordshire : a ghostly gazetteer Ruth Stratton 1
The Pretzi stop Pelham McMahon 1
yogaplusexercise Permjit Singh 1
Project management : all you need is love Pete Smith 1
Mackintosh and the cuckoo : the fourth Mackintosh story Philip Gillett 1
Mackintosh's resurrection : the third Mackintosh story Philip Gillett 1
Mackintosh's triumph : the second Mackintosh story Philip Gillett 1
Hunted and the damned R. J. Dillon 1
Emergence Rachael H. Dixon 1
Drawings, creativity and management : an ideas and transformation management work Randle Sloan Toraño 1
Friend across the water : a personal journey inside Black America Rita Gayle 1
Nail your novel : why writers abandon books and how you can draft, fix and finish with confidence Roz Morris 1
Dark dove Pegasus 1
Debaucherous desires Rusty Nock 1
Idle spiders' strings Saul Hughes 1
Under travelling skies Saul Hughes 1
The winning way to quit smoking Shirley Amy 1
The donation of Constantine : a novel Simon LeVay 1
The shepherd god : finding peace, worth and purpose in a busy world Simon Lucas 1
Field one Simon Winstanley 1
To save the realm T. B. Crattie 1
Love, life & moving pictures Terence Sharkey 1
Smokescreen Thelma Hancock 1
Tales from the hilltop : a summer in the other South of France Tony Lewis 1
Story skills for managers : nurturing motivation with teams Tony Wall 1
The guardian dragon U. M. Breen 1
The green line divide : romance, travel, and turmoils Z. Vally 1
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