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Combined Academic

Combined Academic is a book publisher with 5,370 books and 5,703 editions in our database between 1960 and 2021

1960 - 2021
1960 - 2021
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There are 5,370 books and 5,703 editions published by Combined Academic between 1960 and 2021 in our database

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Most edited books

Explore the most edited books amongst the 5,703 by Combined Academic in our database

Title Author Editions
Hazel Wolf : fighting the establishment Susan Starbuck 3
Qing governors and their provinces : the evolution of territorial administration in China, 1644-1796 R. Kent Guy 3
Just breathe normally Peggy Shumaker 2
Preparing the mothers of tomorrow : education and Islam in mandate Palestine Ela Greenberg 2
No one ever asked me : the World War II memoirs of an Omaha Indian soldier Hollis Dorion Stabler 2
Bandit nation : a history of outlaws and cultural struggle in Mexico, 1810-1920 Chris Frazer 2
To battle for God and the right : the Civil War letterbooks of Emerson Opdycke Emerson Opdycke 2
Łódź Ghetto : a history Isaiah Trunk 2
Communists in Harlem during the Depression Mark D. Naison 2
A description of New Netherland Adriaen van der Donck 2
Underdog : poems Katrina Roberrts 2
The rise of Chicago's Black metropolis, 1920-1929 Christopher Robert Reed 2
Plants and animals of the Pacific Northwest : an illustrated guide to the natural history of Western Oregon, Washington and British Columbia Eugene N. Kozloff 2
Nikolai's fortune Solveig Torvik 2
How did poetry survive? : the making of modern American verse John Timberman Newcomb 2
The republic of nature : an environmental history of the United States Mark Fiege 2
Frank Norris : a life Joseph R. McElrath 2
On to Civvy Street : Canada's rehabilitation program for veterans of the Second World War Peter Neary 2
A place for utopia : urban designs from South Asia Smriti Srinivas 2
Tribal theory in Native American literature : Dakota and Haudenosaunee writing and indigenous worldviews Penelope Myrtle Kelsey 2
Framed : media and the coverage of race in Canadian politics Erin Tolley 2
Michael Power : the struggle to build the Catholic Church on the Canadian frontier Mark George McGowan 2
Phenomenological interpretations of Aristotle : initiation into phenomenological research Martin Heidegger 2
Counting sheep : from open range to agribusiness on the Columbia plateau Alexander Campbell McGregor 2
Locomotive to aeromotive : Octave Chanute and the transportation revolution Simine Short 2
Never seen the moon : the trials of Edith Maxwell Sharon Hatfield 2
King of the Queen City : the story of King Records Jon Hartley Fox 2
Origins : on the genesis of psychic reality Jon Mills 2
Behind the curve : science and the politics of global warming Joshua P. Howe 2
Ipse dixit : how the world looks to a federal judge William L. Dwyer 2
Mending fences : the evolution of Moscow's China policy, from Brezhnev to Yeltsin Elizabeth Wishnick 2
Wilderness forever : Howard Zahniser and the path to the wilderness act Mark W. T. Harvey 2
A book of photographs from Lonesome Dove William D. Wittliff 2
Lock, stock, and icebergs : a history of Canada's Arctic maritime sovereignty Adam Lajeunesse 2
Romantic complexity : Keats, Coleridge, and Wordsworth Jack Stillinger 2
Valley of the spirits : the Upper Skagit Indians of Western Washington June McCormick Collins 2
The Yamasee War : a study of culture, economy, and conflict in the colonial South William L. Ramsey 2
Writing out of place : regionalism, women, and American literary culture Judith Fetterley 2
The origins of capitalism and the "rise of the West" Eric Mielants 2
Eugene Kinckle Jones : the national urban league and black social work, 1910-1940 Felix L. Armfield 2
Making Jews modern : the Yiddish and Ladino press in the Russian and Ottoman Empires Sarah Abrevaya Stein 2
Making the March King : John Philip Sousa's Washington years, 1854-1893 Patrick Warfield 2
Myths America lives by Richard T. Hughes 2
Charles Ives in the mirror : American histories of an iconic composer David C. Paul 2
Franklin D. Roosevelt : road to the new deal, 1882-1939 Roger Daniels 2
Doing business in rural China : Liangshan's new ethnic entrepreneurs Thomas Heberer 2
Zora Neale Hurston : a literary biography Robert E. Hemenway 2
The rise and fall of early American magazine culture Jared Gardner 2
The people and the bay : a social and environmental history of Hamilton Harbour Nancy Barbara Bouchier 2
The making of "Mammy Pleasant" : a Black entrepreneur in nineteenth-century San Francisco Lynn M. Hudson 2
Fearful symmetry : India-Pakistan crises in the shadow of nuclear weapons Sumit Ganguly 2
Robert Johnson : lost and found Barry Lee Pearson 2
The mystery of the rosary : Marian devotion and the reinvention of Catholicism Nathan Mitchell 2
Marginality and subversion in Korea : the Hong Kyŏngnae rebellion of 1812 Sun Joo Kim 2
Defeating Lee : a history of the Second Corps, Army of the Potomac Lawrence A. Kreiser 2
Demanding child care : women's activism and the politics of welfare, 1940-71 Natalie Marie Fousekis 2
The reluctant dragon : crisis cycles in Chinese foreign economic policy Lawrence C. Reardon 2
No easy fix : global responses to internal wars and crimes against humanity M. Patricia Marchak 2
James P. Cannon and the origins of the American revolutionary left, 1890-1928 Bryan D. Palmer 2
Africans in Europe : the culture of exile and emigration from Equatorial Guinea to Spain Michael Ugarte 2
Lincoln's political generals David Work 2
Fat boys : a slim book Sander L. Gilman 2
Evangelical Christians in the Muslim sahel Barbara MacGowan Cooper 2
Made in Nunavut : an experiment in decentralized government Jack Hicks 2
Defining deviance : sex, science, and delinquent girls, 1890-1960 Michael A. Rembis 2
Air castle of the South : WSM and the making of Music City Craig Havighurst 2
The tropics and the traveling gaze : India, landscape, and science, 1800-1856 David Arnold 2
Goodbye wifes and daughters Susan Kushner Resnick 2
Margaret MacDonald : imperial daughter Susan Mann 2
The African transformation of western medicine and the dynamics of global cultural exchange David Baronov 2
Love, wages, slavery : the literature of servitude in the United States Barbara Ryan 2
The entire earth and sky : views on Antarctica Leslie Carol Roberts 2
On the make : clerks and the quest for capital in nineteenth-century America Brian P. Luskey 2
Faith in nature : environmentalism as religious quest Thomas R. Dunlap 2
Pests in the city : flies, bedbugs, cockroaches, and rats Dawn Biehler 2
Breaking ground : the Lower Elwha Klallam tribe and the unearthing of Tse-whit-zen Village Lynda Mapes 2
Puget's Sound : a narrative of early Tacoma and the Southern Sound Murray Morgan 2
Cafe Society : the wrong place for the right people Barney Josephson 2
Maritime Command Pacific : the Royal Canadian Navy's West Coast fleet in the early Cold War David Zimmerman 2
Jewish women in fin de siècle Vienna Alison Rose 2
Adoring the saints : fiestas in central Mexico Yolanda Lastra 2
Union-free America : workers and antiunion culture Lawrence Richards 2
America's religions : from their origins to the twenty-first century Peter W. Williams 2
Native Seattle : histories from the crossing-over place Coll-Peter Thrush 2
Daughter of the Empire State : the life of Judge Jane Bolin Jacqueline McLeod 2
Sex, sickness, and slavery : illness in the antebellum South Marli Frances Weiner 2
The book of absolutes : a critique of relativism and a defence of universals William D. Gairdner 2
Looking through Taiwan : American anthropologists' collusion with ethnic domination Keelung Hong 2
A secret society history of the Civil War Mark A. Lause 2
Into that silent sea : trailblazers of the Space Era, 1961-1965 Francis French 2
Grant's secret service : the intelligence war from Belmont to Appomattox William B. Feis 2
Give me eighty men : women and the myth of the Fetterman Fight Shannon D. Smith 2
Princess, priestess, poet : the Sumerian temple hymns of Enheduanna Enheduanna 2
Slavery and the numbers game : a critique of 'Time on the cross' Herbert G. Gutman 2
Confucian statecraft and Korean Institutions : Yu Hyŏngwŏn and the late Chosŏn Dynasty James B. Palais 2
Virtual America : sleepwalking through paradise John Opie 2
Santa Anna of Mexico Will Fowler 2
Civil rights in the Texas borderlands : Dr. Lawrence A. Nixon and black activism Will Guzmán 2
Fritz Reiner, maestro and martinet Kenneth Morgan 2
More damning than slaughter : desertion in the Confederate Army Mark A. Weitz 2
Contesting identities : sports in American film Aaron Baker 2
Empire of sacrifice : the religious origins of American violence Jon Pahl 2
Rulemakers of the House Spark M. Matsunaga 2
Being Arab : ethnic and religious identity building among second generation youth in Montréal Paul Eid 2
Patriotic elaborations : essays in practical philosophy Charles Blattberg 2
Vicksburg is the key : the struggle for the Mississippi River William L. Shea 2
The Bolsheviks in power : the first year of Soviet rule in Petrograd Alexander Rabinowitch 2
Disability politics and care : the challenge of direct funding Christine Kelly 2
Out of joint : a private and public story of arthritis Mary Lowenthal Felstiner 2
The Tlingit Indians in Russian America, 1741-1867 A. V. Grinëv 2
Race and radicalism in the Union Army Mark A. Lause 2
Sounds of defiance : the Holocaust, multilingualism, and the problem of English Alan Rosen 2
God's plenty : religious diversity in Kingston William C. James 2
Treaty No. 9 : making the agreement to share the land in far northern Ontario in 1905 John S. Long 2
Gabriel Garcia Moreno and conservative state formation in the Andes Peter V. N. Henderson 2
Tours that bind : diaspora, pilgrimage, and Israeli birthright tourism Shaul Kelner 2
Abbas Kiarostami Mehrnaz Saeed-Vafa 2
For glory and Bolívar : the remarkable life of Manuela Sáenz Pamela S. Murray 2
Chevato : the story of the Apache warrior who captured Herman Lehmann William Chebahtah 2
Judge not André Gide 2
A young Palestinian's diary, 1941-1945 : the life of Sāmī ʿAmr Sāmī ʿAmr 2
Humanism of the other Emmanuel Lévinas 2
Gleanings of freedom : free and slave labor along the Mason-Dixon Line, 1790-1860 Max L. Grivno 2
Barolo Matthew Gavin Frank 2
Warren G. Magnuson and the shaping of twentieth-century America Shelby Scates 2
Skookum summer : a novel of the Pacific Northwest Jack Hart 2
Cancer activism : gender, media, and public policy Karen M. Kedrowski 2
Shenandoah summer : the 1864 valley campaign Scott C. Patchan 2
Engaging humor Elliott Oring 2
My fight for a new Taiwan : one woman's journey from prison to power Xiulian Lü 2
Black moods : collected poems Frank Marshall Davis 2
A ghetto takes shape : black Cleveland, 1870-1930 Kenneth L. Kusmer 2
The Mandate of Heaven and the Great Ming Code Yonglin Jiang 2
Daddy's war : Greek American stories Irene Kacandes 2
Reading Chican@ like a queer : the de-mastery of desire Sandra K. Soto 2
Gang of one : memoirs of a Red Guard Fan Shen 2
The Indiana Rail Road Company : America's new regional railroad Christopher Rund 2
The courage to connect : sexuality, citizenship, and community in Provincetown Sandra L. Faiman-Silva 2
One woman in a hundred : Edna Phillips and the Philadelphia Orchestra Mary Sue Welsh 2
Restoring the spirit : the beginnings of occupational therapy in Canada, 1890-1930 Judith Friedland 2
Dancing lives : five female dancers from the Ballet d'Action to Merce Cunningham Karen Eliot 2
The story of Han Xiangzi : the alchemical adventures of a Daoist immortal Erzeng Yang 2
Black women and politics in New York City Julie A. Gallagher 2
Education at the edge of empire : negotiating Pueblo identity in New Mexico's Indian boarding schools John R. Gram 2
The invention of Hebrew Seth L. Sanders 2
Squeeze this! : a cultural history of the accordion in America Marion S. Jacobson 2
The crimes of womanhood : defining femininity in a court of law A. Cheree Carlson 2
The incredible band of John Philip Sousa Paul E. Bierley 2
Sports heroes, fallen idols Stanley H. Teitelbaum 2
Jane Addams, a writer's life Katherine Joslin 2
Phylogenetic systematics Willi Hennig 2
Rap music and street consciousness Cheryl Lynette Keyes 2
Love goes to press : a comedy in three acts Martha Gellhorn 2
Beyond the Gibson Girl : reimagining the American new woman, 1895-1915 Martha H. Patterson 2
The life and times of Raúl Prebisch, 1901-1986 Edgar J. Dosman 2
The posthumous career of Emiliano Zapata : myth, memory, and Mexico's twentieth century Samuel Brunk 2
Israeli culture between the two Intifadas : a brief romance Yaron Peleg 2
Emus loose in Egnar : big stories from small towns Judy Muller 2
A town called Asbestos : environmental contamination, health, and resilience in a resource community Jessica Van Horssen 2
The carbon efficient city A-P Hurd 2
The test drive Avital Ronell 2
The beautiful music all around us : field recordings and the American experience Stephen Wade 2
George Gershwin : an intimate portrait Walter Rimler 2
The concubine, the princess, and the teacher : voices from the Ottoman harem Douglas Scott Brookes 2
Stories to awaken the world Menglong Feng 2
Stories to caution the world Menglong Feng 2
Sweet William : the life of Billy Conn Andrew O'Toole 2
Plowed under : agriculture & environment in the Palouse Andrew P. Duffin 2
A Russian Jew of Bloomsbury : the life and times of Samuel Koteliansky Galya Diment 2
Radical sisters : second-wave feminism and Black liberation in Washington, D.C. Anne M. Valk 2
Ernie Kovacs & early tv comedy : nothing in moderation Andrew Horton 2
Citadel to city-state : the transformation of Greece, 1200-700 BCE Carol G. Thomas 2
An American soldier in World War I George Browne 2
Tin men Archie Green 2
After utopia : the rise of critical space in twentieth-century American fiction Nicholas Spencer 2
On firm ground : photographs Larry Kanfer 2
Cultural nationalism in colonial Korea, 1920-1925 Michael Edson Robinson 2
Afghanistan's endless war : state failure, regional politics, and the rise of the Taliban Larry P. Goodson 2
Marian McPartland's jazz world : all in good time Marian McPartland 2
The new woman in Uzbekistan : Islam, modernity, and unveiling under communism Marianne Kamp 2
Follow your heart : moving with the giants of jazz, swing, and rhythm and blues Joe Evans 2
How free can religion be? Randall P. Bezanson 2
Black Georgia in the progressive era, 1900-1920 John Dittmer 2
Robber baron : the life of Charles Tyson Yerkes John Franch 2
Rolling away the stone : Mary Baker Eddy's challenge to materialism Stephen Gottschalk 2
Offspring of empire : the Koch'ang Kims and the colonial origins of Korean capitalism, 1876-1945 Carter J. Eckert 2
Amazigh arts in Morocco : women shaping Berber identity Cynthia J. Becker 2
Frankie Manning : ambassador of lindy hop Frankie Manning 2
Blackness and modernity : the colour of humanity and the quest for freedom Cecil Foster 2
Five lives in music : women performers, composers, and impresarios from the baroque to the present Cecelia Hopkins Porter 2
First to fight Henry Mihesuah 2
Too much free speech? Randall P. Bezanson 2
Radical theatrics : put-ons, politics, and the sixties Craig J. Peariso 2
Man of ashes Salomón Isacovici 2
Eve's daughter/Modern woman : a mural by Mary Cassatt Sally Webster 2
Peanuts : the illustrious history of the goober pea Andrew F. Smith 2
Wheelchair warrior : gangs, disability and basketball Melvin Juette 2
The Thirty Years' War and German memory in the nineteenth century Kevin Cramer 2
Between panic and desire Dinty W. Moore 2
Yokohama, California Toshio Mori 2
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