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Anthroposophic Press is a book publisher with 68 books and 68 editions in our database between 1978 and 2008

1978 - 2008
1978 - 2008


There are 68 books and 68 editions published by Anthroposophic Press between 1978 and 2008 in our database:

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Title Author Editions
Living a spiritual year : seasonal festivals in northern and southern hemispheres : an esoteric study Adrian Anderson 1
Art and human consciousness Gottfried Richter 1
The golden age of Chartres : the teachings of a mystery school and the eternal feminine René M. Querido 1
The stairway of surprise : six steps to a creative life Michael Lipson 1
In light of the child : a journey through the 52 weeks of the year in both hemispheres for children and for the child in each human being Michael Hedley Burton 1
Teaching as a lively art Marjorie Spock 1
Youth longs to know : explorations of the spirit in education John Fentress Gardner 1
A life for the spirit : Rudolf Steiner in the crosscurrents of our time Henry Barnes 1
Jung & Steiner : the birth of a new psychology Gerhard Wehr 1
Rhythms of learning : what Waldorf education offers children, parents & teachers Rudolf Steiner 1
Millennial child : transforming education in the 21st century Eugene Schwartz 1
Anthroposophy and astrology : the astronomical letters of Elisabeth Vreede Elizabeth Vreede 1
The disciple whom Jesus loved : unveiling the author of John's Gospel Edward Reaugh Smith 1
The burning bush Edward Reaugh Smith 1
David's question : "What is man?" (Psalm 8) Edward Reaugh Smith 1
A Western approach to reincarnation and karma : selected lectures and writings Rudolf Steiner 1
The most holy trinosophia and the new revelation of divine feminine Robert A. Powell 1
A psychology of body, soul and spirit : 12 lectures, 23 to 27 Oct. 1909, 1 to 4 Nov. 1910, 12 to 16 Dec. 1911, GA 115 Rudolf Steiner 1
Christianity as mystical fact Rudolf Steiner 1
A theory of knowledge implicit in Goethe's world conception Rudolf Steiner 1
A way of self-knowledge ; including, The threshold of the spiritual world Rudolf Steiner 1
According to Luke : the gospel of compassion and love revealed : a cycle of ten lectures Rudolf Steiner 1
According to Matthew : the gospel of Christ's humanity : lectures Rudolf Steiner 1
An outline of esoteric science Rudolf Steiner 1
Ancient myths and the New Isis mystery : seven lectures given in Dornach 4 to 13 January 1918 and a lecture given in Dornach 24 December 1920 Rudolf Steiner 1
Anthroposophy : (a fragment) : a new foundation for the study of human nature Rudolf Steiner 1
Anthroposophy in everyday life Rudolf Steiner 1
Art as spiritual activity : Rudolf Steiner's contribution to the visual arts Rudolf Steiner 1
At home in the universe : exploring our suprasensory nature : five talks at The Hague, November 13-18, 1923 Rudolf Steiner 1
Autobiography : chapters in the course of my life, 1861-1907 Rudolf Steiner 1
Balance in teaching : Stuttgart September 15-22, 1920 and October 15-16, 1923 Rudolf Steiner 1
Bees Rudolf Steiner 1
Broken vessels : the spiritual structure of human frailty : eleven lectures, Dornach, Switzerland, September 1924 Rudolf Steiner 1
Esoteric sources of anthroposophy. Vol. 1, From the history and contents of the first section of the esoteric school Rudolf Steiner 1
Faculty meetings with Rudolf Steiner Rudolf Steiner 1
First steps in inner development Rudolf Steiner 1
The Gospel of St Mark Rudolf Steiner 1
The Christian mystery : lectures Rudolf Steiner 1
Staying connected : how to continue your relationships with those who have died : selected talks and meditations, 1905-1924 Rudolf Steiner 1
Spiritual science as a foundation for social forms Rudolf Steiner 1
Spiritual beings : in the heavenly bodies and in the kingdoms of nature : a cycle of ten lectures, Helsinki, April 3-14, 1912 : with four additional lectures: two private addresses to Russian members and two public lectures Rudolf Steiner 1
Soul economy and Waldorf education Rudolf Steiner 1
Rosicrucian esotericism Rudolf Steiner 1
Reincarnation and karma : two fundamental truths of human existence : five lectures given during January to March 1912 in Berlin and Stuttgart Rudolf Steiner 1
A study companion to An outline of esoteric science Clopper Almon 1
Nutrition and health : two lectures to workmen Rudolf Steiner 1
Love & its meaning in the world : selected lectures and writings Rudolf Steiner 1
Introducing anthroposophical medicine : lectures, March 21-April 9, 1920, Dornach, Switzerland Rudolf Steiner 1
Human values in education : 10 lectures in Arnheim, Holland : July 17-24, 1924 Rudolf Steiner 1
From the history and contents of the first section of the Esoteric School : letters, documents, and lectures Rudolf Steiner 1
From Buddha to Christ Rudolf Steiner 1
The effects of esoteric development : ten lectures at the Hague, March 20-29, 1913 and the address given at the First General Meeting of the Anthroposophical Society, Berlin, February 3, 1913 Rudolf Steiner 1
School renewal : a spiritual journey for change Torin M. Finser 1
The fourth dimension : sacred geometry, alchemy, and mathematics : listeners' notes of lectures on higher-dimensional space and of questions and answers on mathematical topics Rudolf Steiner 1
The genius of language : observations for teachers : six lectures (with added notes) given to the Faculty of the Waldorf School in Stuttgart, Germany from December 26, 1919 to January 3, 1920 Rudolf Steiner 1
The healing process : spirit, nature & our bodies : lectures, August 28, 1923-August 29, 1924, in various cities Rudolf Steiner 1
The karma of materialism : nine lectures given in Berlin between July 31 and September 25, 1917 Rudolf Steiner 1
The light course : first course in natural science ; light, color, sound-mass, electricity, magnetism Rudolf Steiner 1
The origins of natural science Rudolf Steiner 1
The principle of spiritual economy Rudolf Steiner 1
The renewal of education Rudolf Steiner 1
The renewal of the social organism Rudolf Steiner 1
The secret stream : Christian Rosenkreutz and Rosicrucianism : selected lectures and writings Rudolf Steiner 1
The spiritual ground of education : lectures presented in Oxford, England, August 16-29, 1922 Rudolf Steiner 1
The spiritual hierarchies and the physical world : Reality and illusion Rudolf Steiner 1
Waldorf education and anthroposophy Rudolf Steiner 1
What is anthroposophy? : three perspectives on self-knowledge Rudolf Steiner 1
Spirit and art : pictures of the transformation of consciousness Van James 1
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