A and C Black

A and C Black is a book publisher with 3,707 books and 4,426 editions in our database between 1952 and 2016

1952 - 2016
1952 - 2016


There are 3,707 books and 4,426 editions published by A and C Black between 1952 and 2016 in our database:

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Most edited books

Explore the most edited books amongst the 4,426 by A and C Black in our database:

Here with the top 100 in terms of edition:

Title Author Editions
The complete guide to sports nutrition Anita Bean 6
The soccer referee's manual David Ager 5
Gliding : a handbook on soaring flight Derek Piggott 5
The stage lighting handbook Francis Reid 5
Whitaker's world of facts Russell Ash 5
Draw horses David Brown 4
Draw landscapes Norman Battershill 4
Railways of the world O. S. Nock 4
An actor's guide to getting work Simon Dunmore 4
The complete guide to strength training Anita Bean 4
Sports training principles Frank W. Dick 4
Moving the goalposts Rob Childs 4
Draw portraits Benedict Rubbra 4
Draw boats & harbours Peter Caldwell 4
101 youth netball drills : age 12-16 Anna Sheryn 4
Kiln building Ian Gregory 4
Trout flies of stillwater John Goddard 4
Draw nature Moira Huntly 4
Venice Alta Macadam 4
Soccer training : games, drills and fitness practices N. J. Whitehead 4
A slip in time Maggie Pearson 3
Dance composition Jacqueline M. Smith-Autard 3
Soccer training : games, drills & fitness practices Malcolm Cook 3
Guard dog Philip Wooderson 3
Clear speech : practical speech correction and voice improvement Malcolm Morrison 3
Writing comedy John Byrne 3
Draw faces & expressions John Raynes 3
Draw birds David Brown 3
Judo G. R. Gleeson 3
Dictionary of contemporary slang Tony Thorne 3
The complete guide to endurance training Jon Ackland 3
The Dinky toy price guide Frank Thompson 3
Writing a play Steve Gooch 3
Frank Schoonmaker's encyclopedia of wine Frank Schoonmaker 3
How to win your school appeal : getting your child into the school of your choice Ben Rooney 3
A candle in the dark Ade��le Geras 3
Draw seascapes Norman Battershill 3
The complete guide to postnatal fitness Judy DiFiore 3
Florence Alta Macadam 3
Casting the gods adrift Geraldine McCaughrean 3
The potter's dictionary of materials and techniques Frank Hamer 3
Acting skills Hugh Morrison 3
Margot Fonteyn Hugh Fisher 3
Writing for television Gerald Kelsey 3
Actor's guide to auditions & interviews Margo Annett 3
The complete guide to exercise to music Debbie Lawrence 3
Draw perspective David Brown 3
Draw still life Moira Huntly 3
Draw flowers & plants Mary Seymour 3
Draw sketches Hans Schwarz 3
Let's discover mathematics L. G. Marsh 3
Rome Alta Macadam 3
Draw the human body Roy Spencer 3
Shotguns & cartridges for game and clays Gough Thomas 3
Jordan Sue Rollin 3
The complete guide to stretching Christopher M. Norris 3
Bridge T. E. Bramley 3
101 youth netball drills : age 7-11 Anna Sheryn 3
Sicily Alta Macadam 3
101 youth hockey drills Stuart Dempster 3
Orchids of Britain and Ireland : a field and site guide Anne Harrap 3
Understanding flying weather Derek Piggott 3
Freelance writing for newspapers Jill Dick 3
Snooker Ken Williams 3
Healthy eating for kids : over 100 meal ideas, recipes and healthy eating tips for children Anita Bean 3
Draw dogs Jeremy Morgan 3
The complete guide to core stability Matt Lawrence 3
Cast away Caroline Pitcher 3
Ceramics and print Paul Scott 3
Throwing pots Phil Rogers 3
Marathon running : from beginner to elite Richard Nerurkar 3
Draw interiors Mary Seymour 3
The complete guide to sports massage Tim Paine 3
The kiln book : materials, specifications and construction Frederick L. Olsen 2
Talking snooker Fred Davis 2
Water : exploring the science of everyday materials Nicola Edwards 2
Paper : exploring the science of everyday materials Nicola Edwards 2
The kiln book Frederick L. Olsen 2
Survival skills Simon Ellar 2
Left for dead : the untold story of the tragic 1979 Fastnet race Nick Ward 2
Self-defence Gary Freeman 2
Blood and ice Neil Tonge 2
Mission to Marathon Geoffrey Trease 2
Oxford and Cambridge Geoffrey Tyack 2
The Matchbox toy price guide Frank Thompson 2
Wool : exploring the science of everyday materials Nicola Edwards 2
Captain Codswallop and the flying kipper Michael Cox 2
Chinese glazes : their origins, chemistry, and recreation Nigel Wood 2
The world of the polar bear Norbert Rosing 2
Sherlock Mr Croc Frank Rodgers 2
Killer Web content : make the sale, deliver the service, build the brand Gerry McGovern 2
Anglo Saxon village Monica Stoppleman 2
Finance at 40 : how to secure your financial future Moira O'Neill 2
Singing and the actor Gillyanne Kayes 2
The electric kiln : a user's manual Harry Fraser 2
Glazes for the craft potter Harry Fraser 2
Ceramic faults and their remedies Harry Fraser 2
Draw in pencil : charcoal, crayon & other media Hans Schwarz 2
The Beaux' stratagem George Farquhar 2
Dying to meet you Michael Cox 2
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