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2005 is a book publisher with 44,897 books and 56,709 editions in our database between 1900 and 2021

1900 - 2021
1900 - 2021
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There are 44,897 books and 56,709 editions published by 2005 between 1900 and 2021 in our database

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Top Authors

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Most edited books

Explore the most edited books amongst the 56,709 by 2005 in our database

Title Author Editions
A practical approach to conveyancing Robert M. Abbey 18
A practical approach to civil procedure Stuart Sime 18
Oxford advanced learner's dictionary of current English Albert Sydney Hornby 12
Handbook of the birds of India and Pakistan : together with those of Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and Ceylon Sálim Ali 11
Streamline English Bernard Hartley 10
Pride and prejudice Jane Austen 10
Textbook on land law Judith-Anne MacKenzie 9
The merchant of Venice William Shakespeare 9
Wuthering Heights Emily Brontë 9
Economics of monetary union Paul de Grauwe 9
Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare 9
Pippi Longstocking Astrid Lindgren 9
Jane Eyre Charlotte Brontë 9
A dictionary of genetics Robert C. King 8
Evidence R. J. C. Munday 8
Treasure Island Robert Louis Stevenson 8
The demon headmaster Gillian Cross 8
The tempest William Shakespeare 8
The woman in white Wilkie Collins 8
Anna Karenina Leo Tolstoy 8
The new Oxford picture dictionary E. C. Parnwell 8
The course of Mexican history Michael C. Meyer 8
Physical chemistry P. W. Atkins 8
Casebook on contract law Jill Poole 8
Trusts and equity Gary Watt 8
Criminal law : text, cases and materials Jonathan Herring 8
Flambards K. M. Peyton 8
The government and politics of Hong Kong Norman Miners 8
Contract law : text, cases, and materials Ewan McKendrick 8
Emma Jane Austen 8
Legal skills Emily Finch 7
Modern Latin America Thomas E. Skidmore 7
A practical approach to criminal procedure John Sprack 7
Colonial Latin America Mark A. Burkholder 7
Textbook on international human rights Rhona K. M. Smith 7
A practical English grammar A. J. Thomson 7
Textbook on civil liberties and human rights Richard Stone 7
Mansfield Park Jane Austen 7
The English legal system Alisdair Gillespie 7
Sense and sensibility Jane Austen 7
Oxford handbook of clinical medicine J. M. Longmore 7
The law of trusts J. E. Penner 7
The law of contract Janet O'Sullivan 7
Textbook on criminal law M. J. Allen 7
Constitutional and administrative law Neil Parpworth 7
Law for social workers Hugh Brayne 7
The biochemical basis of neuropharmacology Jack R. Cooper 7
Foster on EU law Nigel G. Foster 7
Great expectations Charles Dickens 7
Medical law and ethics Jonathan Herring 7
The lantern bearers Rosemary Sutcliff 7
Cases and materials on EU law Stephen Weatherill 7
Principles of biomedical ethics Tom L. Beauchamp 7
A new history of India Stanley A. Wolpert 7
A Christmas story Brian Wildsmith 7
The Easter story Brian Wildsmith 7
Company law Alan J. Dignam 7
Much ado about nothing William Shakespeare 7
The Oxford dictionary of saints David Hugh Farmer 7
Textbook on contract law Jill Poole 7
The modern law of evidence Adrian Keane 7
Hamlet William Shakespeare 7
The New Testament : a historical introduction to the early Christian writings Bart D. Ehrman 7
Oxford handbook of clinical specialties J. A. B. Collier 7
Business law James Marson 7
The wind in the willows Kenneth Grahame 7
The unfinished journey : America since World War II William H. Chafe 6
The monk M. G. Lewis 6
Criminal law Nicola Padfield 6
Card, Cross and Jones criminal law Richard Card 6
Measure for measure William Shakespeare 6
Contract law Mindy Chen-Wishart 6
Doctor Thorne Anthony Trollope 6
Company law Lee Roach 6
A midsummer night's dream William Shakespeare 6
Cranford Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell 6
A practical approach to landlord and tenant Simon Garner 6
Commercial law Eric Baskind 6
Tort law Kirsty Horsey 6
A dictionary of psychology Andrew M. Colman 6
An introduction to medicinal chemistry Graham L. Patrick 6
Social research methods Alan Bryman 6
Oxford first encyclopedia Andrew Langley 6
Corporate governance Chris A. Mallin 6
The Prime Minister Anthony Trollope 6
Julius Caesar William Shakespeare 6
War and peace Leo Tolstoy 6
Minnow on the Say Philippa Pearce 6
Washington Square Henry James 6
Complete criminal law : text, cases, and materials Janet Loveless 6
The great elephant chase Gillian Cross 6
The twentieth-century world : an international history William R. Keylor 6
Eating disorders : the facts Suzanne Abraham 6
Oxford handbook of general practice Chantal Simon 6
The silver branch Rosemary Sutcliff 6
Introduction to business law Lucy Jones 6
Pippi goes aboard Astrid Lindgren 6
Winnie the witch Valerie Thomas 6
Lost in the jungle Roderick Hunt 6
Holyoak and Torremans intellectual property law Paul Torremans 6
The substantive law of the EU : the four freedoms Catherine Barnard 6
The moral limits of the criminal law Joel Feinberg 6
European Union law Margot Horspool 6
Cases and materials on employment law Richard W. Painter 6
The Mayor of Casterbridge Thomas Hardy 6
Making sense : a student's guide to research and writing Margot Northey 6
The hound of the Baskervilles Arthur Conan Doyle 6
A history of Russia Nicholas V. Riasanovsky 6
Textbook on immigration and asylum law Gina Clayton 6
A practical approach to planning law Victor Moore 6
As you like it William Shakespeare 6
Alice's adventures in Wonderland ; and, Through the looking-glass, and what Alice found there Lewis Carroll 6
Casebook on torts Richard Kidner 6
Tort law : text and materials Mark Lunney 6
Murphy on evidence Peter Murphy 6
Introduction to international relations : theories and approaches Robert H. Jackson 6
Evidence Andrew L.-T Choo 5
Othello William Shakespeare 5
The British tax system J. A. Kay 5
Macbeth William Shakespeare 5
Athenaze : an introduction to Ancient Greek M. G. Balme 5
The winter's tale William Shakespeare 5
The mill on the Floss George Eliot 5
River boy Tim Bowler 5
Phineas Redux Anthony Trollope 5
Middlemarch George Eliot 5
Pippi in the South Seas Astrid Lindgren 5
The complete recovery room book Anthea Hatfield 5
Grapevine Peter Viney 5
The donkey that sneezed Val Biro 5
Modern land law M. P. Thompson 5
Human growth after birth David Sinclair 5
Winnie the witch Korky Paul 5
Understanding deviance : a guide to the sociology of crime and rule-breaking David M. Downes 5
Foundations of economics Andrew Gillespie 5
A practical companion to ethics Anthony Weston 5
The moonstone Wilkie Collins 5
The family in social context Gerald R. Leslie 5
Making sense : a student's guide to research and writing : engineering and the technical sciences Margot Northey 5
The basic Oxford picture dictionary Margot F. Gramer 5
Principles of criminal law Andrew Ashworth 5
Cope's early diagnosis of the acute abdomen Zachary Cope 5
The wobbly tooth Roderick Hunt 5
Making sense : a student's guide to research and writing : social sciences Margot Northey 5
Who did that? Roderick Hunt 5
The trouble with Donovan Croft Bernard Ashley 5
Electrical properties of materials L. Solymar 5
Introduction to bioinformatics Arthur M. Lesk 5
Microelectronic circuits Adel S. Sedra 5
Classical mythology Mark P. O. Morford 5
What a mess! Roderick Hunt 5
Textbook on administrative law Peter Leyland 5
Australian criminal justice Mark Findlay 5
Land of the dinosaurs Roderick Hunt 5
PACE : a practical guide to the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 Paul Ozin 5
The English legal process Terence Ingman 5
MMPI-2 : assessing personality and psychopathology John R. Graham 5
Legal traditions of the world : sustainable diversity in law H. Patrick Glenn 5
Kipper and the giant Roderick Hunt 5
Islam : the straight path John L. Esposito 5
Modular mathematics for GCSE Brian Gaulter 5
Theories of delinquency : an examination of explanations of delinquent behavior Donald J. Shoemaker 5
The adventures of Tom Sawyer Mark Twain 5
Oxford handbook of acute medicine Punit S. Ramrakha 5
A good trick Roderick Hunt 5
The revenge of the demon headmaster Gillian Cross 5
Green island Roderick Hunt 5
Gran Roderick Hunt 5
The pill John Guillebaud 5
How to survive summer camp Jacqueline Wilson 5
Dracula Bram Stoker 5
The worst team in the world Alan MacDonald 5
Intellectual property law Lionel Bently 5
A pattern of roses K. M. Peyton 5
A dictionary of statistics Graham J. G. Upton 5
Henry V William Shakespeare 5
The jungle book Rudyard Kipling 5
Freedom and the court : civil rights and liberties in the United States Henry J. Abraham 5
Oliver Twist Charles Dickens 5
Doing grammar Max Morenberg 5
The Russian Revolution Sheila Fitzpatrick 5
The Australian health care system S. J. Duckett 5
Atkins' Physical chemistry P. W. Atkins 5
A dictionary of economics John Black 5
A basic English grammar John Eastwood 5
The gauntlet Ronald Welch 5
The selfish gene Richard Dawkins 5
The eagle of the Ninth Rosemary Sutcliff 5
Blackstone's guide to the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 Edward Rees 5
The Iliad Homer 5
Practical English usage Michael Swan 5
Constitutional law, administrative law and human rights : a critical introduction Ian Loveland 5
Smith & Wood's employment law I. T. Smith 5
Oxford textbook of functional anatomy Pamela C. B. MacKinnon 5
Honeyball and Bowers' textbook on employment law Simon Honeyball 5
Information technology law Ian J. Lloyd 5
Medical law : text, cases, and materials Emily Jackson 5
Gaia : a new look at life on earth James Lovelock 5
A dictionary of first names Patrick Hanks 5
Frankenstein, or The modern Prometheus Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley 5
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