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Elmer Kelton

Elmer Kelton is an author with 45 book(s) and 57 edition(s) tracked between 1960 and 2015 in our database

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There are 45 books and 57 editions by Elmer Kelton published between 1960 and 2015 in our database

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Languages of editions

Languages of the 57 editions: eng (57)

Books & Editions

Title Publisher Year
Buffalo wagons Landsborough 1960
Texas rifles Four Square Books 1960
Barbed wire Four Square 1961
Massacre at Goliad New English Library 1967
Llano river Panther 1968
Captain's Rangers Arrow Books 1971
Bowie's mine Remploy 1973
After the bugles Chivers 1987
Barbed wire Linford 1987
Donovan Ulverscroft 1988
Stand proud : a Texas saga Chivers 1988
Far canyon Chivers 1995
Slaughter Chivers 1995
The good old boys Vintage 1995
Honor at daybreak Eurospan 2002
Bowie's mine Forge 2003
Christmas at the ranch McWhiney Foundation Press, McMurry University 2003
Ranger's trail Melia 2003
Donovan Forge 2004
Llano river Forge 2004
Lone star rising Forge 2004
My kind of heroes State House Press 2004
Shadow of a star Forge 2004
Jericho's road Forge 2005
Joe Pepper Forge 2005
Texas vendetta Forge 2005
The pumpkin rollers Forge 2005
Captain's Rangers Forge 2006
Hot iron Forge 2006
Six bits a day Forge 2006
Sons of Texas Forge 2006
The raiders Forge 2006
The smiling country TCU Press 2006
Barbed wire Forge 2007
Ranger's law : a Lone Star saga Forge 2007
Texas showdown : two Texas novels Forge 2007
The raiders : sons of Texas Forge 2007
Many a river Forge 2008
Pecos crossing Forge 2008
Shotgun Camden 2008
Shotgun Chivers 2008
Slaughter Eurospan 2008
Hard trail to follow Forge 2009
Jericho's road Forge 2009
Many a river Forge 2009
Other men's horses Forge 2009
Shotgun Forge 2009
Stand proud Forge 2009
Other men's horses Forge 2010
Sandhills boy : the winding trail of a Texas writer Forge 2010
Texas standoff Forge 2010
Texas sunrise Forge 2010
The far canyon TCU Press 2010
Bitter trail Forge 2011
Long way to Texas : three novels Forge 2011
Badger boy Forge 2012
The pumpkin rollers ; and, The buckskin line Forge 2015
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