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Ben Elton

Ben Elton is an author with 30 book(s) and 57 edition(s) tracked between 1984 and 2019 in our database

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There are 30 books and 57 editions by Ben Elton published between 1984 and 2019 in our database

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Languages of editions

Languages of the 57 editions: eng (57)

Books & Editions

Title Publisher Year
Bachelor boys : the Young Ones book Sphere 1984
Stark Joseph 1989
Stark Sphere 1989
Gasping : the play Sphere 1990
Gridlock Macdonald 1991
Gridlock Sphere 1992
Silly Cow Warner 1993
Silly cow : a comedy Warner 1993
Stark Warner 1993
This other Eden Melcher Media 1993
Popcorn Simon&Schuster 1996
Gasping : a play Samuel French 1997
Popcorn Pocket 1997
Ben Elton : plays 1 Methuen 1998
Blast from the past Bantam 1998
Popcorn : a play Samuel French 1998
Silly cow : a comedy 1998
Blast from the past Black Swan 1999
Blast from the past ISIS 1999
Inconceivable Bantam 1999
Ben Elton omnibus Warner 2000
Gridlock Warner Books 2000
Inconceivable Black Swan 2000
This other Eden Pocket 2000
Dead famous Bantam 2001
Dead famous Black Swan 2002
High society Bantam 2002
The gospel according to Ben Elton Pocket 2002
High society Black Swan 2003
High society WF Howes Ltd 2003
Popcorn Black Swan 2003
This other Eden Black Swan 2003
Past mortem Bantam 2004
Past mortem Black Swan 2005
Past mortem Windsor/ Paragon 2005
The first casualty Bantam 2005
Chart throb Bantam 2006
Gridlock Black Swan 2006
Stark Black Swan 2006
The first casualty Black Swan 2006
Blind faith Bantam Press 2007
Chart throb Black Swan 2007
Blind faith Black Swan 2008
Meltdown Bantam 2009
Meltdown Black Swan 2010
Inconceivable Transworld Digital 2012
Two brothers Bantam 2012
Ben Elton collection Transworld Publishers 2013
Plays 1 Bloomsbury Methuen Drama 2013
Popcorn : a novel Thomas Dunne Books 2013
Two brothers Black Swan 2013
Time and time again Bantam Press 2014
Time and time again Transworld Digital 2014
Time and time again Black Swan 2015
Upstart crow Transworld Digital 2018
Upstart crow : the scripts Bantam Press 2018
Identity crisis Transworld Digital 2019
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The books written by Ben Elton are part of 2 series in our database

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