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Charles Gaines

Charles Gaines is a male american artist (1944-) with 9 artworks in our database

1944 -
United States
In database

Creation timeline

There are 9 artworks by Charles Gaines created between 1978 and 2013 in our database

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Media and materials

Charles Gaines used 6 distinct media and materials for the 9 artworks, which represents a 66.7% diversity ratio

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Directory of work

Explore 9 artworks by Charles Gaines

Title Year Medium
An Indigenous Manifesto (1999) 2013 Pencil on paper
Declaration of the Rights of Woman (1971) 2013 Pencil on paper
Faces: Set #11, Mary Ann Aloojian 1978 Gelatin silver print and ink on three sheets of paper
Indocumentalisimo (2010) 2013 Pencil on paper
Malcom X Speech at Ford Auditorium (1965) 2013 Pencil on paper
Manifestos 2 2013 Four-channel video (color, sound)
Manifestos 2 2013 Four-channel video (color, sound; 64 min.) and four graphite drawings
Shadows V, Set 1 1980 Gelatin silver prints and ink on four sheets of paper
Working Drawings for Numbers and Trees #7 1989 Ink and tape on graph paper
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